Who we are

The Sträb Brothers company, founded in 1924, has its roots in punching technology. Over the past 30 years, it has made use of this technology to increasingly develop its own steel products.

Our products, mostly from the areas of ground anchoring technology under the FERRADIX brand, also include security technology.

Our complete product range is based on steel processing technology. Many of our developments have been patented, and several have won international awards. With our FERRADIX® ground anchoring technology and its special mounting technique, our goal is to achieve market leadership.

Our own developments in various markets ensure the continued existence of the Sträb Brothers company.

Benefits we offer

  • In-house development of most products
  • Complete product range manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
  • In-house tool shop as the hub for manufacturing our punching tools and prototypes
  • Longstanding highly qualified staff
  • “A”-rated punching technology supplier with all major clients
  • High equity ratio
  • Excellent price-performance ratio of our products
  • Extremely dependable partner
Joachim Bader

Dipl. Ing. Joachim Bader, owner

Joachim Bader was chair of the German Inventors Association for several years and is the creator of the FERRADIX® root pole.

German Käsmeier

German Käsmeier, managing director

® within all EU member states