Concreting – reinvented

The CITY root pole has been designed specifically for use in urban environments, whenever concrete must be used. The pole’s short standard length of 30 cm and rounded-off tip prevent cables and pipes from being damaged. Thanks to the CITY’s innovative technology, you can save up to 80% in concrete compared to traditional techniques. The Ferradix® CITY achieves a new level of aesthetics for your cityscape.

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Saves on costs by using up to 80% less concrete

  • Tasteful round surface enhances any urban environment
  • Merges with every ground-level surface
  • Saves on costs by using up to 80% less concrete
  • Prevents cables from being cut thanks to its rounded-off tip
  • Standard length: 30 cm
  • Outstanding stability thanks to its welded-on head
  • User-friendly thanks to its innovative core-drilling technology
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement of mounted objects
  • 100% recyclable
  • Delivery includes cover plate and patented clamping ring (EU Patent)
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Made in Germany
Free FERRADIX® Demonstration
Free FERRADIX® Demonstration


The powerhouse

The anchor bolt for setting in concrete, also called the concrete socket, is a special design from our product range. Its extreme sturdiness is what makes it stand out: Once encased in concrete, it simply cannot be ripped out again, thanks to its robust welded construction. This makes it particularly suitable for use on busy roads and makes vandalism nearly impossible.

The concrete socket is particularly popular with users needing to quickly and easily remove the insert. They can then close the hole in the ground with a special steel top which is visually attractive, can be swiftly screwed on and off, and prevents accidents from occurring. It’s ideal for use in market places, for example, where regular assembly and disassembly is required.

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