The anchor bolt for all common ground types

FERRADIX® root pole – efficient, sustainable, versatile

The FERRADIX® root pole is THE ecologically sustainable universal foundation for almost all types of ground. Whether soil, paved ground or tarmac – the FERRADIX® root pole can be used both in urban and extra-urban environments, enhancing any cityscape.

The root pole has been tested and proven in hundreds of large and small municipalities, as well as in road maintenance units and facility management. Thanks to its sophisticated technique, it’s perfectly suited for anchoring traffic signs, reflector posts, trash cans, tree hoop guards, benches, barriers, fencing, staircase railings, shelters, bike racks and much more.

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The right anchor bolt for any type of ground

FERRADIX® - steel ground anchor bolt for natural soil, tarmac and concrete

ALPHA for soil and concrete. CITY for setting in paved ground or concrete.

A giant leap into the future

Global concrete production amounts to roughly 6 to 9% of all human-induced CO2 emissions. What’s more, the enormous production of concrete is also responsible for the growing scarcity of sand, a vital resource. Thanks to its concrete-free installation, the FERRADIX® root pole contributes to an improved ecological balance.

The FERRADIX® root pole is made of two raw materials: iron and zinc. Reusable multiple times, it is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life

Video: Traditional vs. FERRADIX® – The anchor bolt for all common ground types

Thanks to the FERRADIX® root pole and its tools, you no longer need to dig large holes. Easy to install thanks to our specially developed tools. This is also a huge relief for your employees’ backs.


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