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Anchoring traffic signs, urban furniture, barriers, trash cans, railings, fences, amateur soccer goals, mailboxes, benches, bike racks, billboards, election advertisements, bollards, shelters,traffic safety, signposting, urban furniture, barriers, trash cans, shelters, public parks, open space furniture, advertising systems and facility management.

Product use

Our products have been developed for use as small foundations in the areas of traffic, advertising, perimeter fencing, urban furniture and sports facilities and more specifically:

– Traffic signs, signposts, hiking trail signposts

– Urban furniture including benches and trash cans

– Bollards

– Barriers

– Railings

– Routing signs

– Fences and protective fences for building sites

The application examples shown on our website and in our catalogs and brochures are meant to assist you in finding the right type of foundation for your application. The necessary number of foundations and sizes for your application strongly depend on such factors as the type of ground, the size and weight of the objects to be anchored as well as the snow load and wind pressure the objects are subject to. When our products are being used for anchoring larger objects, we strongly recommend that statics calculations be used to substantiate the safety of the planned installation. Liability for damage arising from lacking or faulty statics calculations is excluded.

Compliance with existing regulations regarding the use/mounting of foundations rests with the user of the foundations. In this, all provisions and regulations must be complied with regarding execution, accident prevention and environmental protection adopted by legislators, regulatory authorities and trade associations.

To ensure the optimal use of FERRADIX products, we offer both instructions regarding the use of our products and user training taught by our staff.

® Applies in all EU member states and Switzerland

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