Schäferstab Sondierung Loch Erdboden
Profiwerkzeug Topfmeißel Asphalt öffnen Bodenhülse
Boden öffnen Loch vorbereiten
Duss Kernbohrmaschine Bohrkrone Bauhof
Einschlaghülse einrammen Werkzeug Motirhammer
Profiwerkzeug Wasserwaage Ausrichtvorrichtung
Libelle Winkelwasserwaage magnetisch ausrichten

You do professional work. Use the right tools, too.

Specially developed and tailored for the three-phase installation: Make hole, drive into ground, check.

As a full-range supplier of ground anchor bolts Sträb also offers a comprehensive range of accessories. For us it’s a matter of course that in this area, too, we only deliver top quality. We work to constantly optimize efficiency, security and longevity. Thanks to our refined installation technique, mounting the FERRADIX® root pole becomes an experience you can enjoy – so even difficult and rocky ground can be managed.

The ergonomic quality of our tools has been optimized down to the last detail. The necessary intervention in the ground is environmentally friendly since it only affects a very small area. And the work itself is less tiring. For many of our customers, this is what makes the FERRADIX® root pole their number one choice when it comes to ground and anchoring technology.

  • Developed and designed by Sträb
  • Made of solid steel with a hardened surface
  • Infinitely tried and tested in the market
  • Made in Germany
FERRADIX tools for asphalt
The FERRADIX® root pole can be driven into the ground with precision thanks to the right ramming tool.


An ingenious symbiosis between the FERRADIX®root pole, the ramming tool and the pneumatic hammer

Our set is particularly effective due to an ideal alignment of all components. In addition, the ramming tool is designed for an easy grip, i.e., it’s easy to insert into and retract from the anchor bolt – an exclusive Sträb development.

  • The ramming tool set consists of the ramming tool and the striker (chipping butt)
  • Made of hardened steel
  • The cross section of the ramming tool has been adapted to the cross section of the FERRADIX® ground anchor
  • Power transmission through pneumatic hammer with striker (chipping butt)
  • Strikers (chipping butts) exist for all common pneumatic hammer types
  • All parts 100% recyclable
  • Made in Germany
FERRADIX Drive-in tool with root hammer
Pneumatic hammer with FERRADIX® ground anchor, ramming tool with striker (chipping butt)

Pot chisel

In order to be able to install the Ferradix® ground anchors even more conveniently, we have developed the new pot chisel. With this powerful tool you can open the asphalt surface with millimeter precision in the shortest possible time.

First of all, the covering is opened selectively in order to achieve relief, then the pot chisel cuts out the required diameter. Almost surgical precision!


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“GIRAFE” alignment device

Special test and alignment system for vertical insertion

It’s important for a perfectly vertical position of the post to be easily achieved.  We’ve made this possible by developing the “GIRAFE” – a truly remarkable solution. The “GIRAFE” is inserted into the FERRADIX® ground anchor, which has been driven into the ground roughly halfway. At waist level, the “GIRAFE” possesses a kind of steering wheel with a bubble level. This ensures that the worker can constantly see the verticality of the ground anchor bolt. Thanks to two side handles, it can be easily checked for verticality, enabling any deviations to be easily corrected by applying the necessary pressure. It’s no surprise that this device has become a favorite of our customers.

  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Total length: 117 cm
  • Comes with a black centering tube for alignment and a strap for removing it
  • The name “GIRAFE” is derived from the device’s analogy to the animal world: mottled coat, long neck, small head and large ears sticking out.
  • Made in Germany
“GIRAFFE” alignment device for FERRADIX
“GIRAFFE” alignment device

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® Applies in all EU countries and Switzerland