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The FERRADIX® CITY ground anchor – saving concrete with concrete bolt fixings

Traffic technology for urban areas

The FERRADIX® CITY ground anchor bolt can be used wherever floor foundations have to be set in concrete. This concrete-saving anchor saves up to 80 percent of the usual amount of concrete required, which prevents more than 10,000 g of carbon emissions per foundation.

At the same time, the user’s working comfort is very high. Thanks to innovative core drilling technology, precise work is enabled. Only the necessary area of ground must be opened up. This makes it easy to save concrete when affixing signs.

The FERRADIX® CITY ground anchor can be considered a modern version of the classic isolated footing. In this way, barrier posts, bollards, trash cans and a great deal more can be neatly affixed in the city. With a length of only 30 cm and the rounded end, the floor bolt protects cables and wires.

free demonstration of FERRADIX

The advantages of the FERRADIX® CITY post ground anchor

  • Up to 80% concrete saved = more than 10,000 g carbon emission savings per ground anchor
  • Available in a range of different dimensions
  • Quick-change system with crash and clamping ring
  • Work is facilitated by an extensive range of accessories
  • Premium quality Made in Germany
  • Protection of cables and wires due to a rounded tip and only 30 cm long
  • User friendly due to innovative core drilling technology
Concrete saving FERRADIX CITY ground anchor
FERRADIX® CITY - savings of up to 80% concrete compared to conventional method

Aesthetic anchoring of traffic signs

Ground anchor concreting method FERRADIX
Cityscape comparison with standard concrete and with the FERRADIX® ground anchor

With the FERRADIX® CITY ground anchor , street furniture and sign posts can also be affixed in a beautiful-looking way. The anchor bolt combines function and aesthetics. And the tasteful decorative trim adds a special charm to traffic signs or wastebaskets.

Video: Mounting sign posts with the FERRADIX® CITY ground anchor

The core drilling technology is ideal for mounting traffic posts in pavement and concrete, e.g., on traffic islands. Extra comfort is provided by the base plate, which ensures increased stability and guarantees that you don’t end up standing on dirty ground. The size of the drill bit is precisely matched to the diameter of the ground anchor. This way, you save up to 80% of the usual amount of concrete, preventing around 11,000 g of carbon emissions.


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® Applies in all EU countries and Switzerland