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Poller Adapterplatte befestigen Bodenhülse
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Adapters for park benches, waste bins and street furniture – accessories for ground anchors

Wooden post supports, adapters for barrier posts and park benches – the ideal accessory for the drive-in sleeves

Once you’re familiar with the FERRADIX® ground anchor and require further applications, you’ll find a wide range of solutions at your fingertips.

Just like a building block system, you can extend the use of the FERRADIX® ground anchor with additional elements such as Lock fix und TOP safe bollard locking, “GOTHIC” SUPPORT, REFLECTOR POST SUPPORT, BENCH ANCHORING, TEMKA PingPongTM POSTS – all of which enable a wider range of FERRADIX® ground anchor applications.

Our consultants will be happy to meet with you personally – just schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to working with you!

Lock fix and TOP safe – the flexible bollard locking

Interchangeable foundation LOCK fix
Lock fix - The flexible bollard locking system
Interchangeable bollard with FERRADIX LOCK fix
Top safe – adjustable height

The new FERRADIX® LOCK fix enables the super quick affixing and removal of bollards. It’s ideal for the temporary cordoning off of roads and areas for weekly markets, town fairs, parades etc.

Thanks to the TOP safe, the ground surface remains covered even when the bollard is removed – which makes it extremely safe.


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LOCK fix

  • For FERRADIX® ALPHA and CITY, ø 60 and ø 76
  • Self-locking after insertion
  • Mounting with triangular wrench key

TOP safe

  • For FERRADIX® ALPHA and CITY ø 60 and ø 76
  • Slot enables affixing of bollard when surface is closed
  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless steel

The height-adjustable wooden post base – “GOTHIC” SUPPORT

The so-called “GOTHIC” SUPPORT developed by the Sträb GmbH is an impressive demonstration of how new applications can be continuously and successfully derived from existing technology.

Dome-like long screws sloping backwards create a robust skeleton. Freestanding posts and pillars of all shapes and cross sections can thus be affixed without a sidelong post shoe – an obvious aesthetic plus.

The screws are driven in diagonally and sever the wood fibers to give the post a maximum degree of additional stability.

Thus, the “GOTHIC” SUPPORT does away with the need to be pressed into a predefined U-shaped or square form.

  • Easy height adjustment even after the foundation has been installed
  • Posts with any cross section can be used
  • Screws are screwed in diagonally, creating maximum stability
  • Easy installation: simply insert and screw tight
  • Two different sizes available:
    For square posts of up to 14 x 14 cm and round posts with a cross section of up to 14 cm
  • Aeration of the bottom side of post through the Venturi-Effekt
  • Made in Germany
Height-adjustable post anchor, post shoes, fence
“GOTHIC” SUPPORT – Extremely functional, extremely natural-looking

Wooden post base “GOTHIC” SUPPORT – video load test


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Robustness and longevity are of the highest importance when it comes to post anchoring. For this reason, we decided to carry out a load test with our “GOTHIC” SUPPORT.

Our goal was for the “GOTHIC” SUPPORT to withstand a load of at least half a ton. We applied stress to the most sensitive area of the screw connection with our 1.7 ton Mercedes.

Watch our video to see the results.

Reversible post shaft

This technique is suitable for temporarily installing signposts, for instance at sports events or festivals. It’s also recommended for when several post shafts need to be installed together. This creates a wall which is ideal for such things as advertising election campaign information for several different parties. After the event is over, the reversible post shaft can be sunk into the ground and screwed tight within minutes. This makes it available for the next event, too.

  • Includes a 60 cm cross section standard ground foundation
  • Assembled and disassembled within minutes
  • Doesn’t bother when not in use
  • At ground level
  • Galvanized steel design
  • Aesthetically pleasing surface in the application area
  • Made in Germany
FERRADIX reversible adapter election posters
Reversible post shaft

Affixing TEMKA PingPong posts

Firmly joined to ground anchor bolt by means of a tailored mounting plate

FERRADIX anchor socket with adapter for flexiposts
Affixing TEMKA PingPong posts
  • Suitable for soil and tarmac
  • Stable installation even when the ground is soft
  • Can be easily closed with a covering plate (200117)
  • Galvanized steel design
  • Made in Germany

Trim plates

Give your city a sense of style

Technology in its most beautiful form – your own colors or the embossed city coat of arms also beautify your cityscape

Our tasteful trim plates can give a special kind of charm to any traffic sign or trash can. They lend the character of your choice to any cityscape. Particularly in special places, streets and parks, certain colors and shades can be true eye-catchers. This can also increase the sense of wellbeing of tourists and passers-by. Even old and worn traffic signs and urban furniture can be embellished this way.

The fact that no concrete is used when fastening ground sockets prevents the emission of CO2. Show your commitment to the environment with your own city arms.

Cover panel for anchor socket FERRADIX
A decorative cover panel, available in different colors
  • Suitable for soil and tarmac
  • Can be easily closed with a covering plate (200117)
  • Stable installation even when the ground is soft
  • Galvanized steel design, available as a polished stainless steel version
  • On request in different RAL colors. (from 10 pieces)
  • Posts available with round, rectangular or square profile
  • Made in Germany

Your own coat of arms or logo on the FERRADIX®

The heraldic animal of the state capital Suttgart on the FERRADIX orifice plate
Rößle – The heraldic animal of the state capital Stuttgart

Emboss your own coat of arms or logo and thus beautify your cityscape, the state capital Stuttgart has already done it!

Special edition: lacquered face and cover plates

Minimal effort, maximum effect

Our standard face and cover plates come in a neutral light grey color. Yet they also leave room for your architects and city planners to exercise their creativity when it comes to design. You can mix colors or select a specific tone to bring liveliness and a fresh look to your city or municipality.

FERRADIX Ground anchor: Painted clamping and cover plates
Lacquered face and cover plates
  • Simply screw onto the ground anchor
  • Also available in polished stainless steel
  • Available in different RAL colors upon request (min. order of 10)
  • Available for round, square or rectangular posts
  • Made in Germany

Video: how to quickly and easily replace a post or attach a cover plate

Convince yourself too! Get a free demonstration at our agency in your region now.

The heart of the drive-in sleeves is the innovative quick-change system.

Our goal: If posts are broken and need to be replaced, the entire foundation should not have to be replaced immediately. Instead, with our system, only the damaged post is changed in a few minutes, the underground anchoring remains in place. That saves time and money!


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® Applies in all EU countries and Switzerland