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The FERRADIX® ALPHA anchor bolt – a great alternative to screw foundations

The ecological post ground anchor affixes park benches, signs and barrier posts in soil, gravel and asphalt – without any concrete.

Install the FERRADIX® ALPHA anchoring bolt without the use of concrete. This saves up to 190 kg of concrete per ground anchor, thereby avoiding over 14,000g of carbon emissions.

The floor bolt is driven into the subsoil with a demolition hammer. The isolated footing works in soil, gravel and even asphalt, allowing fences, garbage cans and road traffic signs to be affixed in a matter of minutes. And thanks to the FERRADIX® tools, installation is a breeze.

Since this requires only minimal intervention in nature, surfaces do not need to be sealed. Which means that FERRADIX® ALPHA ground foundations are a great alternative to concrete foundations in traffic engineering.

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The advantages of the anchoring bolts as post ground anchors

  • Up to 100% concrete savings = over 14,000 g carbon emission savings per ground anchor
  • Quick and easy installation saves time and money
  • No need to dig up the soil
  • Lengths ranging from 30 cm to 100 cm (incl. extension)
  • Diameter ranging from 40mm to 100mm; 80*80 ground anchor also available
  • Quick-change system with crash and clamping ring
  • Multiple use capability, 100% recyclable
  • Work facilitated by extensive range of accessories
  • Premium quality Made in Germany
Ground anchor FERRADIX® ALPHA without concrete
FERRADIX® ALPHA ground anchor

Video: This is how easy it is to affix park benches, garbage cans and road traffic signs with the ground anchor bolt.

Setting ground fixings in concrete is now a thing of the past for you. Simply drive the innovative FERRADIX® anchor bolt into the ground with our driving tool. This allows you to affix street furniture, barrier posts and bike stands in no time at all. With FERRADIX® ground screws, you’ll no longer be digging large holes – which is easy on your back, especially when it comes to rocky ground.

This modern type of pile anchor makes the floor bolt a very popular concrete-free anchoring system in traffic engineering.

The FERRADIX® ALPHA drive-in ground anchor can be installed entirely without concrete. This saves up to 190 kg of concrete and thereby over 14,000 g of carbon emissions. Surfaces do not need to be sealed.

Typical applications include barrier posts, road signs and street furniture.

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® Applies in all EU countries and Switzerland